Consider Rewards Cards for Loyal Customers

Providing loyal customers with printed plastic cards they can present for rewards is a simple and fun way to retain their business. It is more cost-effective to keep loyal customers than it is to attract new ones. Businesses spend a lot of advertising dollars attracting new customers with promotions, special offers, and sales. That is definitely smart marketing, just ensure efforts are also made to entice customers back to the business. Reward cards are gaining in popularity because they offer reminders of just how much repeat business is appreciated.

Rewards do not have to be lavish or extravagant to be effective. Points for every purchase can be given to be redeemed at another visit, for example, or a small percentage off a total purchase over a certain amount. Just getting people in the store will have a positive effect on revenues. Free coffee or soda with the purchase of a sandwich will encourage a large lunch crowd to visit the corner convenience store rather than the local fast food drive-through. Customers will come in for a sandwich and their free drink, and are likely to also purchase a bag of potato chips, a cookie or pastry, and maybe some gum as well. The total more than pays for that free cup of coffee, keeps customers happy, and can result in an increase of loyal customers.


There are several styles of plastic cards that can be printed with the business name and logo. Providing plastic makes the card more durable, less likely to be thrown out, and easy to carry in a pocket or wallet without being damaged. Paper rewards cards have to be replaced often, which can start to add up costs to the promotion. Some styles can be added to a key ring for convenience. Customers will always have their keys, but may not always have their purses or wallet, especially in the summer. Shaped cards are available to make the car stand out from any other reward cards. Costs are nominal, the return on the investment is high, and free designer services are available for businesses that do not have a logo. Owners can visit here for details on designing capacities.

Printed ID Cards for club, fitness center, and bulk food store memberships are also more cost-effective for the business when they are made of plastic instead of paper. Most memberships are for at least three months, and some can be extended annually. That means a card will be shown hundreds of times over a few years. Replacing washed, lost, or damaged paper cards will get expensive, time-consuming for staff, and frustrating for the customer. Waiting in a line to get another card issued will not make customers happy, not make them feel valued, and make them think twice before renewing their membership. Go to to discover just how easy, quick, and cost-effective plastic cards are to have customized for the business.